A Gentle Plea for Chaos


I hadn’t planned to post today. My thoughts on the significance of January 22 are already documented here.

But each time I catch a glimpse of the calendar, I feel an unmistakable tug to say something about today. And since I’ve eaten nothing in the past 24 hours that should induce heartburn, I can only assume the urge is legitimate. So here I am.

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision by the Supreme Court to make abortion a fundamental right in the United States. I could list statistics here, but you can find those ad nauseam from people and websites with more credentials than I.

So I will share what I know best.

My earliest memory in life is the one where my parents told me I was going to have a brother. Being an only child at the time, I have no idea how I understood the significance of the news, but I did. For weeks leading up to my brother’s adoption, I carried a tiny Polaroid snapshot of him with me everywhere I went. I can remember wearing my high gloss patent leather shoes to court, and I can still recall in vivid detail the room at the adoption agency where we sat and waited for my brother to be handed to us (or, more specifically, my parents. At 3 years of age, I’m certain I was as helpful as a screen door on a submarine.)

The room was immediately to the left when you entered the agency.
The walls were powder blue.
A bank of folding chairs lined one side.

FYI: The room at the adoption agency hasn’t changed much in 30 years. I know this because my husband and I went back to the same room a few years ago to adopt our own little boy.

Now we are beginning the process to become licensed foster parents. The future is chaotic and bright.

Every week I meet people who say they want to adopt or foster someday. And I get it. Life is crazy busy. I believe each person who tells me she wants to get involved someday. And it’s noble. I applaud the desire. But I beg you–please, just do something.

Just DO something. Life isn’t going to settle down. The process isn’t going to become less intimidating with time. You’re probably not going to win the jackpot or score that dream house. What do you need (in order to start) that you don’t have now?

Just do SOMETHING. In recent years I’ve toned down my everyone-should-adopt message. I *get* that not everyone is meant to do it. I really do. But I also believe everyone who stands opposed to January 22, 1973, and stands with James 1:27 should do something. I’m not going to tell you what that is because you alone know what you are called to do.

Adoption and foster care are chaotic. It can feel overwhelming, but it is a spectacular privilege I wouldn’t trade for the world.

BIG Announcement

Chore Chatter

I haven’t been this nervous since I peeled the wallpaper off my mom’s wall the day after she put it up.

An idea has been brewing for a few months now, and I finally decided to put some legs to it. That’s right, friends. I launched a podcast. You can listen to episode 1 here. I have big plans for this new venture. Hope you’ll stick with me through it.

Thanks for your incredible support thus far. Without you … well. I’d be talking to myself.

1 Change that Changes Everything


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52 Photos Project

52 Photos Project

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2014 Christmas Gift Strategy

image (73)

I need to post a copy of this to my forehead during the holiday season. Each year the inevitable voice whispers in my ear, “But you LOVE your kids and you want them to HAVE everything.” When I am not high on the spirit of the holiday, here is what I most want them to have: generosity, contentment, […]

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Change Your Blog; Change Your Life

image (58)

Dramatic, eh? What’s the point of a title that doesn’t threaten the end of life as we know it? Two years ago, I began blogging by necessity. Several of you were nice enough to follow along and whisper confident encouragement in my ear when I wanted to quit. Because I am a writer and editor by profession, […]

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Bracelets for Bibles

image (34)

October is the month of pumpkin everything. The season is finally changing. The air is crisp and cool. And something else … something very important … My church makes Bibles. For one week in October, everything is swept aside in the name of Bible production. Tables are organized in the gymnasium and machines are assembled. For a week–from early morning until […]

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The One Thought That Has Revolutionized My View of People

image (26)

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The Corner Office

Summer Bucket List 2014.pdf - Adobe Reader 6212014 54104 PM.bmp

Let’s begin with this. I am writing this post from my new office! I am no longer forced to do battle with children’s books or stray Legos in order to claim the one free couch cushion on which to get my writing done. Let freedom ring! I have a desk (snagged from the discards pile at a […]

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5 Things I Want My Children to Know about Easter

image (4)

Successful teaching requires proper planning. Here is what I want to communicate: 1. Easter isn’t about the candy (or the bunny). At the moment these items become a distraction from the cross, they are doing the work of Hell. Am I anti-candy or anti-Easter-eggs? No—in the same way that I’m not anti-gift-giving at Christmas while clinging to […]

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