5 Things I Want My Children to Know about Easter

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Successful teaching requires proper planning. Here is what I want to communicate:

1. Easter isn’t about the candy (or the bunny). At the moment these items become a distraction from the cross, they are doing the work of Hell. Am I anti-candy or anti-Easter-eggs? No—in the same way that I’m not anti-gift-giving at Christmas while clinging to the reason for the season. And yet–

Maintaining the distinction between what is entertainment and what is truth is critical.

2. Without Easter, Christmas wouldn’t matter. (I Corinthians 15:16-17) So to the degree that we build up to Christmas in my house—talking, singing, preparing—we will do the same with Easter. Time-sensitive music will play around the clock. On Easter Sunday, we’ll read the passages that pertain to the death and resurrection of Jesus. (We read Luke 2 at Christmas. Why not read Luke 24 at Easter?) I’ll roll out my best dishes—yes, even with a 6-year-old and 1-year-old at the table—and we’ll celebrate.

Some things matter more than protecting the fine china.

3. Easter is synonymous with life. Christ moved from death to life, and because of it, so can we! Easter is what enables us to grieve differently about those friends and loved ones to whom we’ve said good-bye. So on Easter—if and when we discuss people from the past—we’ll speak with an eye to the future.

Easter changes everything! (John 11:25)

4. Easter is a great day for dressing up, but the soul matters infinitely more than the body. Easter—of all days—shouldn’t be casual. I am all in favor of putting on the nicest options from the closet. And who doesn’t appreciate the obligatory Easter photos that trickle through the news feed after Easter lunch? However. If I care more about how I dress my children than I do how they stand before God, I’ve missed the entire point of the day.

Worshiping God begins in the heart.

5. Easter is a good day for talking to others about Jesus. I know. I know. Every day is a good day to share the gospel. But Easter is a particular gift because people expect us to talk about the Good News. Visitors will trickle into our church services for no other reason than the date on the calendar. Strangers in the community will engage us in conversation about the day. We have a golden opportunity to share our excitement about the most important event in the history of the world.

We must be vigilant not to waste Easter.

Where Trisha Learns to Jump Rope (again)

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Spring was my favorite time of year as a child. Finally, I could play outside again. And if I was really lucky, I could even shed my evil winter coat that felt like the inflatable sumo wrestling suits I saw people wear at the street fair. ($5 gets you 10 minutes in the ring and an ample amount of embarrassment!)

My absolute favorite childhood game was jump rope. Two rope turners were essential, as were two jump ropes with the plastic beads, knotted at the center to create a longer line. My friends and I would stand single file in the school parking lot and take turns running into the turning rope.

Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish, how many pieces do you wish?

I can still close my eyes and hear the rhythmic clicking of the plastic ropes on the paved parking lot. We kept track of successful jumps with the exactitude of an auditor. And each girl did her time turning the ropes or else left the game.

It’s been years since I played jump rope, but I admit, as of late, I’ve felt a bit like the childhood girl on the playground watching the rope arc and waiting for the right moment to rush in and begin jumping. This winter took a toll on me. Sickness, long days without sunlight, and a raging to-do list took the blogger right out of me. Oh. And I wrote a book. More on that later.

I am sorry. I’ve received dozens of “Where are you?” messages. And, more precisely, “Are you coming back?” Admittedly, I gave some thought to closing down this blog. It’s been a phenomenal experience. 65,000 readers (via various channels) is approximately 64,999 more people than I ever thought would care about my posts.

And I believe saying goodbye feels wrong.

So I had an epiphany. Maybe instead of shutting down the blog, it’s time for it to take a new form.

Part 1 of this blog was really my pre-mother days where managing a house was so fun everyone should do it. Part 2 became I’m a mom! Help! And now we are here. If the blog grows with me–as its done so far–Part 3 will be: Here is what I am learning.

My heart is full. God is teaching me a lot about life and I am grateful for it. I hope you’ll follow along.

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