Farewell, Winter (Clothing)

Photo by exfordy

Spring is here.

The changing seasons present us with great opportunities to sort through our clothing and eliminate what we no longer, (or perhaps, should no longer), wear. Consider the following tips:

1. If the clothing is clearly winter clothing, pack it away. Save out jackets and long-sleeved items for days when the weather has a panic attack—but don’t keep out items that are clearly “winter clothing,” (i.e., bulky sweaters, heavy coats, wool pants/skirts).

2. Eliminate clothing that you have outgrown—or that has outgrown you—and don’t think twice about it.

3. Purge while packing. If you don’t wear it now, chances are great that you won’t wear it later.

4. Consider packing away seasonal shoes. Will you really wear those winter boots in May? Why let them take up valuable space in your closet?

5. Wash everything before you store it. When you pull the items back out next winter, you’ll be thankful you did.

Finally, I like to include a page of goals I hope to accomplish before the box is re-opened. Think of it as a sort of goals-meets-time-capsule. Not only does it force me to evaluate my goals mid-year, it gives me something to look forward to next time I am opening my boxes of winter clothing.

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