When the Bathroom Calls

Photo by emdot

It’s a fact.

Depending on how your home is laid out, there are two places you can count on visitors seeing if you invite them into your home. The first is your living/family room—where the primary visiting will take place—and the second is your bathroom.

You could probably get away with closing bedroom doors, avoiding the kitchen like the H1N1 virus, and denying you have a basement. But, unless you want to be known as “that family without indoor plumbing,” chances are great you will need to show your guests that you do, in fact, have a restroom.

So how can you make it guest-friendly?

Keep it clean. That’s rule number one.

Fill a basket with items they may use. Consider toothbrushes, soaps, sample bottles of products, and fresh towels, for instance. (Of course, the length of the stay will determine the items that might be needed.)

Always have back-up supplies on hand. Toilet paper, towels, and soap are a must. Guests will likely not want to ask for these things. (Go out on a limb and display these items in a cute way.)

And finally, consider keeping a room spray or scented candle in sight for guests who…well, perhaps they found that H1N1 virus after all.

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