It’s That Time

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Photo by Muffet


To some people, it means sunnier afternoons and the promise of a pending spring season. To others, it is a good reminder to change smoke alarm batteries and verify that carbon monoxide detectors are still working as they should. Yet to others, it simply means an hour less sleep.

No matter. Daylight-saving is here. And for those of us change-phobic terrestrials, it means we need to plan ahead. Here are a few tips to consider–

1. Update your clocks today. Start adjusting to the time change by going to bed at the new time. (But be careful not to miss any appointments in the process!)

2. Eat well and keep yourself hydrated. The body will already be taxed with a changing sleep schedule. Compounding it with poor nutritional choices could add to feelings of weariness or stress. (Always seek your doctor’s advice.)

3. Get up on time tomorrow morning so that Monday won’t be even more difficult. Stick to your regular schedule tomorrow—and don’t dwell on the “lost” hour.

Perhaps most important to any change is a positive mental attitude. Winter is on its way out. And that should give us something to celebrate.

Now go. Drink some water.

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