Making Cents

Photo by j_rodenhouse

Have you ever jumped the gun?

I sure have. And today, though it might turn out to be a positive thing, the HouseHoncho team found itself off to the races before we even knew we were at the starting line.

Let me explain.

One of our HouseHoncho team members has a knack for pinching pennies…and I mean a total ability to reach into his pocket and find money that wasn’t originally there. (And I’m fairly sure he’s no pick pocket.) Recently, we started tossing around ideas for ways he could communicate his many ideas to you…so that you, too, could make cents.

This morning, after logging on to Twitter and playing with a househoncho account…voila!…e-mail invitations were sent–inviting you to “follow us.” We were as surprised as you were to open our e-mail this afternoon and discover the invites.

Because many of you choose not to “twitter,” (and truly, we can’t blame you for that!), we have now created a category on our website entitled, “Making Cents” so that you, too, can follow househoncho’s quick and easy tips for pinching pennies.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll launch a magazine…

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