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I love reader feedback.

Because it is important to me to create space, here, that is beneficial to homemakers of every age and walk of life, I love hearing from homemakers–for better or worse–when they have something to say. What I heard from a reader this morning was as inspirational to me as any manual I’ve picked up. I thought you might enjoy reading a few lines for yourself:

“The year 2002 was one that wrecked havoc on my home. Within that year’s time I had 4 surgical procedures done to the bones of my legs. Big Time Ouches. Needless to say, by the time I was rehabilitated, up, and somewhat functional, after the last surgery, my home looked worse than a bachelor’s den. Two school age children, 2 cats, birds and guinea pigs, and a spouse that wasn’t even sure if we had a mop or bucket.

I decided that each day, as I did my daily home care tasks, I would additionally do one task that was not a ‘regular.’ It could be as simple as cleaning out a dresser drawer, or dusting the top of the bookcase. Just one. And if I missed a day, only double up the next day, if I felt like it.

Sure, it took time to get things back to where I felt order had been restored, but I also didn’t ever feel as if I had to put myself out. It now is a weekly thing. Once each week I tackle some out-of-the-ordinary task. And yes, simple ‘on the go’ pick-ups and tidy-ups are the mainstay of my house work. Having a debilitating illness has taught me that if I do this, the occasions when I can’t keep up with my daily home-maker’s routine, don’t have the negative impact they would have otherwise. Keep it Simple. I have to. The key is the ‘keeping’ it. And knowing that it is not a house, it’s a home.”

Well-stated! Thank you for the reminder…it’s a home.

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