Sign(s) of the Season

Photo by Trisha (concerning the following post)
I love a good garage/yard/estate sale.

Nothing says “summer” to me like a neon sign dipped in puff paint and pounded into the front yard inviting me to stop for a visit. Rarely do I actually buy anything. (I carry only a small collection of quarters in my pocket.) I much prefer walking around and looking at the objects that have occupied someone’s home. Estate sales are my total favorite–with respect, of course, for the ones who have moved on from the home–because I can actually see how the house was run. I can open drawers, peek into closets, and rummage through cedar chests. It’s a homemaker’s dream.

This weekend I dove back into this hobby of mine. The pictures above show two of my favorite stops. The top picture was taken in a room that was featuring vases and glassware of all sorts, (a total clutter collector’s heaven on earth). One shelf displayed a vase, another vase, a vase, and…a wig. I don’t why it made me laugh, but it did. It was a homemaker’s variation of “duck, duck, goose.” (Glass, glass, wig!)

I almost bought the wig, just because.

The second picture was taken in the back yard of another estate sale. And I could have taken this identical picture from any angle. There were probably two hundred signs in this tiny yard. I loved it. Furthermore, I’d like to know where the signs came from…

As I was admiring the signs, I thought of a tip I acquired years ago. To keep collections of any kind under control–whether this refers to glassware, clothing, books, etc.,–choose the space or number of items that will complete the collection. Then, as you purchase or receive new items for this group, eliminate that same number. So you have a shelf that holds 10 books? Fine. Pare down the collection to 10. Then, when you add a book in the future, eliminate one.

You’ll never have to “de-clutter” a collection if you stay on top of it in this way.

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