Take a Hint!

Photo by exfordy

Introducing “Honcho Hints.”

So it’s time to start a new week, and I am really excited to launch something that I hope will be beneficial to you. As you know, there are a million ways to do everything. Whether you are organizing a cupboard or preparing for a garage sale, there are as many opinions about how to do things right as there are people in the world.

Honcho Hints is a collection of tips and theories that have worked well for us, the HouseHoncho team. They are short “nuggets of home management wisdom” that cover the full range of homemaking topics. From time to time, you will see a Honcho Hint appear in a blog or e-mail. Feel free to try it, ignore it, or even respond to it if you have a better idea.

Today’s inaugural Honcho Hint comes from something I have found personally useful when tidying up my home. I love to carry around a trash can with me from room to room, as I am cleaning, so that I can throw items away as soon as I identify them as garbage. (This saves me time and steps.)

Honcho Hint: The larger your garbage can is, the more likely you are to throw things away. If the can is full or overflowing, you won’t be as motivated to pitch things. Therefore, when cleaning up a room, start by emptying the trash, (or at least making sure that there is room to add items). Also, the bigger the trash can, the more beneficial to your cleaning routine.

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