Photo by Cameraman Phil

Testing…testing…am I on?

Here I sit, on a Friday afternoon, less excited about the fact that my weekend is here–and more excited that this blog is up and running! When it comes to homemaking, I have so many things to tell you. I am bursting at the seams to share cleaning tips and organizing challenges and simple how-to’s that should make a difference in your home (and ultimately your life).

But first things first.

Successful people always have clear goals. Always. Whether you’ve come to this website to save time, save money, or save stress–and I hope to help with all three–it is important for you to know what your goals are. And it is important for me to communicate what the goal of this blog is.
I know you are busy. If you’re like me, you like quick and easy. So my commitment to you is that I will update this blog daily with a short, 200ish-word soundbite of something that should prove helpful in your home management today. I will try to make these blog entries relevant to the tasks you receive in your e-mail. And I won’t include anything I haven’t personally given my S.T.A.R. rating: simple, tested, affordable, reliable. 

In short, welcome.

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