And the Winner Is. . .

Photo by AnnaKika

This has been an incredible week for!

Our membership grew by 39% during the past 7 days, and that can only be attributed to those of you who got out and spread the word! So thank you to each of you who were kind enough to tell your friends, your family, your cats about our [quickly growing] home management initiative! It is my goal to find as many home managers as I possibly can so that we can rally together, share ideas, and improve upon our home management systems! No matter what popular opinion says, we are blessed to have homes to take care of.

But enough about that for now.

Emmy from Wyoming won our first contest! Congratulations! And thank you to Vibrant Designs! If you’re ever in need/want of a customized bag or purse, please consider Vibrant Designs!

Do not lose hope if you did not win our first contest! We have more contests still to come with more fabulous prizes. Additionally, we have several great insights lined up to share this week, (including photos of 2 incredible treasures I discovered this weekend while estate saling).

Alright. That’s all for now. Keep it simple!

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