Dream a Little Dream

Photo by Trisha (This item was found at an estate sale!)

Today’s post has nothing to do with kitchens.

Have you ever considered the details of your dream home–I mean really thought about them? For me, my “dream home” has always been built on the foundation of relatively-achievable expectations: polished floors, clean laundry, and a bed with lots of pillows. (Oh. And a toilet paper roll that never runs out.)

Last weekend, my brother, sister, and I went to a handful of estate sales. And I came face to face with two things I had never considered putting in my dream home.

1) We were greeted at the front door of one house by a woman (who wore very high heels and claimed not to have any power) who tried to sell us a $50,000, Italian-made chandelier. Consequently, I wanted to ask her if she realized how many boxes of baking soda she could buy with that kind of money. But something else–perhaps the fact that she looked and talked like Fran Drescher–kept me from saying much at all.

2) At a second home, we found a room full of something I had never seen a room full of before. (Not cats and not porcelain dolls–though I have visited whole houses dedicated to both!) This room was full of closets! No joke! One right next to the other. . .an entire room full! It was like heaven in the Hamptons.

I now have 2 new things to add to my idea of a dream home–a chandelier worth more than my own life. And a room full of closets.


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