Flower Power

Photo by SuperCarly

I read every comment that is made on this blog.

Truly, it is very pathetic how excited I get when someone decides to throw in their two cents. (Honestly. Who wants to listen to me all day? I don’t!)

So when a particularly loyal reader, known as “mewsmeme” made a comment last week, I read it aloud to my husband so he could enjoy it, too. Her comment?

“Flowers!!! Fresh cut flowers!!! So many of “Those” rooms have a vase or an arrangement of some fresh cut flowers. And with spring blooms popping up everywhere I am getting my scissors sharpened and my vases brought out of storage. . .”

Loved it. And I have mewsmeme to thank because my husband showed up last night with the arrangement pictured at the top of this entry! Which got me thinking. Nothing improves a room like bringing the outdoors in. No amount or dusting, primping, painting, or polishing equals the improvement of the great outdoors.

So what are some ways that can be done? Consider the following:

1. Open the windows. (Push aside those heavy window coverings!)
2. Bring in a freshly cut flower. (But ask your neighbor before chopping her rose bush!)
3. Sun your mattresses or pillows.
4. Hang your clothes to dry on a clothes line.
5. Place a potted plant inside. (Say that 10 times!)
6. Turn off the overhead lighting and rely on the natural stuff.

You’ll feel better. . .for real!

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