Killer Confessions.

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Often given a bad rap, bacteria is actually neither good nor bad. Certain forms of bacteria are necessary to keep us alive, while other forms are able to kill us in a matter of minutes. (Consequently, there is an entire museum dedicated to bacteria. Thankfully for those who choose to visit, it is located online–no gloves or bubble suits necessary.)

As home managers, it is important to locate/disinfect the places in our homes where bacteria is prone to gather. These areas and items can, unwittingly, cause us adverse health events if left unguarded.

1. Countertops. It’s amazing how much we rely on counter space–whether in the kitchen or the bathroom–and, as a result, lots of germs and bacteria pass through on any given day. (Think JFK Airport on Christmas Eve.) We can combat bacteria by keeping our counters disinfected.

2. Cutting boards. It’s a good idea to invest in a plastic cutting board that can be cleaned using soap and water. Also, it is critical that we not alternate using the board to cut raw meat and other food during cooking preparation.

3. Sinks. It would make sense–since we wash dirty items in the sink–that our sinks are breeding grounds for the uninvited. Soap and water goes a long way.

4. Sponges. Frankly, I don’t use them. They collect and they infiltrate. If you are a fan of the porous cleaning tool, make sure you microwave it to kill any bacteria that might be present.

5. Toothbrushes. Cover them. Don’t leave them out on the sink like little people without umbrellas on a rainy day. ‘Nuff said.

Bacteria: not fun to talk about, but totally fun to kill.

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