My "Soap" Opera

Photo by soapylovedeb

I am a sucker for soap.

Little excites me as much as something that smells like apple, softens my hands, or promises to relax me at the end of a long day. Likewise, I love to give soap as a gift. No doubt I have offended many with repeated gifts of soap. (No! You smell fine! I am giving you this soap because I love you!)

But nothing threatens to clutter my bathroom faster than too many containers of the good stuff. And, because old habits die hard, I never seem to actually finish the fresh pear before moving onto the apple blossom or island mango, which means I am generally left with several half-empty, perfectly good containers that fill the limited space that is supposed to be my sanctuary.

Maybe you aren’t addicted to soap the way I am. Maybe you prefer collecting hairbows or towels or make-up. Whatever it is, here are some tips for storing items in a small space.

1. Utilize the back of the bathroom door. Towel hooks are a must.

2. Think vertically. Put up a shelf or two. (Use the shelf to creatively store things you use every day.)

3. Use drawer space like it’s the last drop of water. If something doesn’t NEED to be stored in your bathroom, (think special occasion make-up or your daughter’s holiday headbands), don’t give it away. Store those items elsewhere.

4. Cut down on the clutter by hiding small items in baskets or boxes, grouping like items together.

5. Use the space inside the shower to your advantage. While I don’t recommend stacking your towels on the shower floor, hanging a sleek over-the-shower-head steel caddy that holds your shampoo is a great use of space.

HONCHO HINT: If you need to tame a collection of hand lotion, consider donating some to the women’s bathroom of a place you frequent often. (It’s a good idea to ask the janitor first!) Your lotion will be used and your bathroom will be lightened.

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