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Announcing: HouseHoncho’s first contest!

Let’s face it. People love free stuff. And here at HouseHoncho.com, we’re all about making our readers happy. (That, and helping them manage their homes. But right now, we’re talking about making ’em happy.)

Who: YOU are invited to participate in our contest.

What: We are launching a word-of-mouth campaign over the next 7 days to help spread the word about househoncho.com. AND we are giving one winner a handcrafted bag–valued at $30–via a drawing.

Where: Right where you are.

There are three ways to get your name in the drawing: 1) Post a Facebook status encouraging your friends to check out househoncho.com, 2) Send an e-mail to your friends, inviting them to check out househoncho.com, 3) Post an entry on a blog, inviting your readers to check out househoncho.com.

Each time you do any of the above, you will have the opportunity to add your name to the drawing. Simply Contact Us and let us know how many times your name belongs in the drawing. Either let us know throughout the week–as you spread the word–or wait until the end of the contest to let us know. (But make sure you don’t forget!)

When: The contest will run until Sunday, April 11th at noon. The drawing will take place, (complete with photos of the event, names for the drawing, and an official hat), and the winner will be announced on this blog, (Please communicate when you contact us with your number how you want your name to appear on the ticket–i.e., first name only, nickname, etc.) The winner will be given the opportunity to choose between 2 very cool bags by Vibrant Designs.

Why: Because we are interested in spreading the word! HouseHoncho is making a difference…and we want home managers everywhere to be invited to join. We believe in this site, and we hope you do, too!

More information about Vibrant Designs to follow throughout the week!

Now go…tell your friends!

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