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Photo by o5com

Look at a picture of a room you really love and ask yourself one question:

What’s missing? (Besides you, of course, and a really good book!)

Flipping the pages of my favorite glossies lately, I have come to the conclusion that one of the things that sets “those rooms” apart from the rooms in my house and the houses of my friends is paper. Ever notice that there are no piles of paper in magazine shots of bedrooms or home offices? Even the carefully organized stacks are missing. Next time you look in a magazine, take note.

So here are some strategies for taming the paper beast:

1. Make sure there is a trash can near the places where paper collects.
2. Set your bills to be computer-automated.
3. File it. Don’t pile it.
4. Designate a spot for the sentimental items, (letters, cards, etc.) and only save what fits in the space.
5. Banish loose-leaf items. Stray pieces of paper are out of place. Always.

Now to comb through my home in search of offenders. . .

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