Sealed With a Kiss

Photo by Grafik Mekanik

Tomorrow is Friday and I have big plans. (Some of which involve you, but more about that later.)

For now, I have some reader feedback to share with you that has made my Thursday feel like a Friday. It’s always fun to hear from new readers–and to see how househoncho is making a difference–however large or small–in their lives. From the blog, Many Hats Mommy, comes a post that belongs on my neatly-arranged refrigerator door. I thought you might enjoy a few lines:

“Those of you who know me know I am not the greatest housekeeper. I’m, thankfully, not the worst, but I’m not really that good. On my list of dreams is hiring a housekeeper for my mom. She is in a great deal of physical pain, and that would help her greatly. Way down the list is to hire someone for me, too!

The other day a friend of mine pointed me to a brand new website that she thought I might like to check out. Boy, am I glad she did! It’s House Honcho, and I love it already! It is quite useful for the 80-90% of us that are home-challenged, no matter what our marital or child rearing status. The remainder of you will enjoy the site’s efficiency and nod in all the right places, quite satisfied with yourself that you already knew that AND do that!

…Maybe House Honcho is my maid in disguise, and I’ll get to cross something off my list.”

Thank you, Many Hats Mommy, and welcome! Did the feather duster give me away? Or perhaps the white apron over my carefully-tailored black dress?

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