State of the [HouseHoncho] Union

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Fasten your seatbelt! launched 37 (short) days ago.

During this time, we have received over 70,000 hits. We have gained new members at a surprising rate. (Our daily e-mail has never gone out to the same group of people twice!) We have received an incredible amount of private feedback–via e-mail–letting us know how HouseHoncho has made a difference. We have successfully finished our first contest, (with many more in the works!) And we have been in communication about ways we can expand our message beyond our website.

In short, we’re just getting started!

Here at, we are interested in forming a network of home managers–from around the world–who are interested in sharing ideas that will further improve our homes. We are actively seeking homemakers who are passionate about the job of “keeping house”–whether it’s a full-time or part-time job.

As such, here is what’s happening right now:

1. As of today, we are launching a forum on our website to further our networking capabilities.

YOU are encouraged to take part in this forum by providing your own insights into the daily responsibilities of home management. We are going to give this forum a 30-day trial. If, in 30 days, it is apparent that the forum is not helpful, we will take it down. If it is something that our readers are finding useful, it will take up permanent residence on the website.

To further encourage you to give the forum a try, we have removed any requirement to enter personal identification. Simply enter a nickname with your comment and you’re good to go!

2. Due to the overwhelming number of e-mails that flood our HouseHoncho e-mail account on a regular basis, we are going to start addressing comments/questions on the blog–via a Dear HouseHoncho column–every Wednesday.

If you have a question for HouseHoncho, feel free to send it via the “Contact Us” page and it will be considered for publication in Wednesday’s column–along with HouseHoncho’s answer.

As always, thank you for your loyal support as we get this new initiative off the ground! The greatest way you can show us your support is by telling other home managers where to find us!

Keep it simple!

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