You’re Invited!

Photo by e pants

Tonight I was a guest in someone’s home.

And by “guest” I do not mean that I was “just someone invited to dinner.” I was a guest. Do you know what I mean? There’s a difference. After dining on homemade crab cakes and cupcakes the size of my car, I drove home, (in pouring rain), watching the windshield wipers do their magic…and pondering what, specifically, made me feel like I was an honored member of an exclusive dinner party.

Here are the things that I experienced and plan to try with my own guests.

1. The hostess greeted me at the door. She invited me to remove my shoes, (soaked through from the rain), or leave them on, assuring me it didn’t matter to her. She wanted me to be comfortable.

2. She asked if I liked dogs. (Consequently, she owned a dog that resembled a cartoon–and she wouldn’t let him out unless every member of the dinner party liked dogs.)

3. Within two minutes of entering the home, I was offered something to drink. And as far as I know, my glass never went empty.

4. The host and hostess announced that it was their goal to spend the evening serving their guests. And they did!

5. At the end of the meal, I was thanked for coming, hugged, and invited back.

Had this host and hostess actually rolled out red carpet, I’m fairly certain it would have blended in with the treatment they were already giving their guests.

Who wants to come to my home for dinner? I’ve got some things to try!

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