Zip It

Photo by yaayaavara

I am infamous in my family for carrying one thing in my purse at all times. And no, I’m not talking about a pistol. (Not that I’m telling you, anyway.)

Notebooks. I carry at least one notebook everywhere I go. (For kicks, I just emptied the bag I am currently carrying, and I found 8 notebooks and 1 unopened package of index cards.) I owe it to the earth to plant a tree a day for the rest of my life.

Anyway. I can’t go anywhere without a notebook. But experts tell us there are other items we should always carry in our purses. Consider carrying the following:

1. Personal identification. It’s less about being prepared for a speeding ticket and more about being prepared in case of an accident. I.D. is crucial.

2. Emergency contact number. A growing trend involves saving a contact in your cell phone as ICE, (in case of an emergency). Paramedics and police officers are able to dial your ICE should the need arise.

3. Cash. Plastic isn’t always sufficient to the situation. Most vending machines, toll booths, and pay phones still demand the green stuff.

4. Important Medical Information. Diabetic? Unless you are carrying crackers and a case of orange juice, it might be hard to tell. If you have a health crisis, you’ll want someone to figure out what’s happening.

5. Pen or pencil. Sometimes a crayon just won’t do. Guaranteed to be beneficial–carry a pen or pencil to jot down a phone number or note to yourself.

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