1001 Children’s Books

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Once upon a time…

I collected children’s books with the intensity of a tropical cyclone. I wanted my children to love reading as much as I do. (Whether or not they love estate sales is up to them–but when it comes to an appreciation for books, there’s no room for debate.)

For years, I’ve watched for books at tag sales and picked up the titles my friends’ children were discarding.

And then I discovered the book shown above.

In lieu of Author Friday, (but have no fear–I have another author lined up for next week), I want to introduce you to this book, published in October 2009. As the title suggests, this book, “offers a comprehensive and diverse compendium of more than a century’s worth of essential reads.” Many of the books you read as a child are listed in this colorful index of stories.

(Assuming, of course, you didn’t limit your reading to the Saturday morning comics.)

And while I recommend that you always exercise the highest level of discernment when selecting the books that are appropriate for your family, I also advise that you collect your books with purpose. Part of cutting down on clutter involves adding only those things to our home that bring value.

It’s Friday–the day we have designated to focus on our office/study areas. What is the process for adding books to your collection? I encourage you to consider it!

Happy reading.

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