Before You Go

Photo by fdecomite

Fact. It’s easier to come home when the kitchen is clean.

Yesterday morning, my suitcase was in the car, my map and tote were secured in the front passenger seat, and I was ready to go. Except for the fact that I wanted my kitchen in tip top shape so that when I returned, I wasn’t running back out the door screaming like a banchee. Here are 3 HONCHO HINTS pertaining to the kitchen that I suggest doing before you leave for a trip of any length:

1. Eliminate any food that will spoil before you return. This will save time and frustration later.
2. Empty the trash. Nothing smells worse than fermented garbage.
3. Do the dishes. You won’t want to come home to a sink full of messy plates.

As a rule, it’s best to ask yourself what you want to come home to. In the crazy whirlwind of packing a suitcase, it’s easy to leave the house looking like it was robbed. Just ask yourself the question, “Is this what I want to see when I next walk through the door?” and it could save you frustration on your return.

Announcement: Tomorrow, here on the blog, we’ll be rolling out a great new initiative that will help us in our search for dedicated home managers. Your participation is greatly welcomed and desired.

See you tomorrow!

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