Dear House Honcho

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Dear HouseHoncho,

I have lots of questions for you. Don’t feel like you need to answer all of them. First, I want to ask when you get your work done. Do you prefer mornings or evenings? Next, I want to ask how you finish your list when you’ve had a bad day or are bored. Finally, I want to ask if you would post a picture so I know what you look like.

Thank you. I love your website.
Carrie G. Dunn

Dear Carrie G. Dunn from Minnesota,

Thank you for sending in your questions! It always amazes me how many Dear House Honcho e-mails I get weekly. And I still open every one with excitement. (Just ask my poor husband who runs into the office every time I experience a sudden burst of laughter or clapping. Really. Some of the questions are really quite funny.)

There is no doubt that I prefer evenings for getting my work done. While I have more energy in the morning, I find that I am most interested in busy work during the evening. So I am more likely to be content vacuuming the floor or scrubbing the dishes when the sun is down than when I am ready for the races. When I’ve had a bad day or I’m bored, I listen to music or audio books while I work. Sometimes the music is loud enough to serenade the block. (It may surprise you to know that I blast classical tunes and Broadway songs loud enough to rival my teenaged neighbor’s music–I’m sure he loves that.) I find that music lends energy.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy the picture I have posted above. But do know that it is, without a doubt, not me.

Keep it simple!

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