Dear HouseHoncho

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Dear HouseHoncho,

My name is Linda, and I have been reading your blog since the first day you posted. I have many questions for you, but will try to keep this note brief. First of all, are you married? I can’t seem to remember reading anything about your husband. (Although it is fine if you are not.) Second, what is your favorite room in your house? Third, what do YOU want for Mother’s Day? (I never know how to answer that question.)


Chicago, IL

Dear Linda from Chicago,

We seem to have a few things in common! For instance, I, too, have been reading my blog since the first day I posted! (In all seriousness, thank you for following the blog. It wouldn’t be fun at all without readers!)

Yes, I am married! You may have seen him before. He’s tall, dark, and handsome! Truly! I noticed him for the first time when he had a glass of ice tea in his hands. I’ve made every effort to keep his glass full ever since!

My favorite room at home would have to be our family room. We made a decision almost four years ago to nix the cable television at home. It makes our home that much more conducive for conversation and music and reading. And so, sitting in my family room, I can catch a perfect cross breeze between the open windows while chatting or reading or cleaning out my purse. And I love it.

I have always believed that Mother’s Day gifts should follow a schedule–similar to anniversary gifts. My suggestions are as follows:

Year 1: a diaper bag (to replace her cute little tote)
Year 2: a baby gate (so she can actually take a shower again)
Year 3: a new lamp (to replace the one that broke)
Year 4: a toy box (with a lock)

You get the idea. The biggest gift can culminate in the 18th year–in which she should be given her child’s graduation certificate.

Just my thoughts on the matter. It makes the whole gift-giving experience less of a mystery.

Thank you, Linda!
Keep it simple!

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