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Tonight I’m keeping this simple.

I’ve been working to create a new (and improved) forum for our site, so I’ve been a wee bit pre-occupied. But I wanted to share this wonderful piece of feedback I received last month. In lieu of this holiday weekend, I thought it was appropriate to share.

Dear HouseHoncho,

Had some VERY unexpected company drop by my house Tuesday evening. It was the daughter of an old friend with her hubby (just back from Iraq) and little baby. They had flown from Alaska!!!! Totally unexpected. I was outside working (playing) in my yard. Of course I invited them in. It was nice that in spite of me having done no “housework” that day, they felt comfortable letting the baby crawl around on my tile floors. A tribute to the “Keep It Simple” rule, and of keeping things done while they are easy to do, not letting small tasks grow into real live monsters that intimidate me.

Some events in life help us to remember what “it” is really all about.

Feel free to submit feedback any time! It’s always good to hear from you!

Keep it simple.

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