House Honcho Wants YOU

Photo by Plat

Ever been to a cookie exchange?

Each December, a friend of mine hostesses a cookie exchange out of her home. She invites a handfull of us to bring our very best cookies–our chocolate-ginger treats, lime flowers, or pistachio-raspberry tea cakes–wrapped in parchment paper or buried in Christmas tins. And we exchange our goods like children trading sandwiches in the lunch room.

It’s one of my favorite events of the season–as much because I love the company of women that meet in my friend’s home–as it is the fact I can’t wait to try a new treat.

Well. It isn’t the season for trading cookies just yet, but I want to invite you to something I hope will be enjoyable and profitable.

I want to invite you to House Honcho’s idea exchange.

Similar to our Author Friday interviews, I would like to begin interviewing homemakers around the world. I want to talk to home managers at every point of the homemaking spectrum–whether you’ve been doing it for 1 year or 100. If you allow me to, I’d like to send you 5 questions about your home. You can share things that work for you or things you’ve learned from others. It doesn’t matter. You can even choose to change a question if you don’t like it–and you can remain on a first-name basis if you so choose.

I am simply interested in gleaning your ideas and sharing them with our friends.

Please drop me an e-mail if you are interested! Let’s get this party started!

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