Idea Exchange #1

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I met Sarah J. via an e-mail she sent me a month ago.

We discussed socks.

In addition to caring for a building full of retired home managers, (Sarah runs the local retirement center in her small town), she assumes the role of mother to five children and homemaker to one thankful husband. Below are the questions I asked and the answers she provided.

1. What is one homemaking tip you would like to share with the readers?

I was complaining to my friend recently that my children don’t put things away in their bedrooms without a struggle. She encouraged me to go into their rooms and look at things from their perspectives. She suggested I put boxes and bins at their eye level instead of my own, and she asked me to evaluate the reasons behind why they don’t put things away. At first I thought this was dumb advice, until I went into their rooms and saw how much things were set up for my own benefit and not theirs. I switched things up, asked my kids to help me make things easier, and the habits have really improved.

2. What is your favorite room of the house and why?

I like the kitchen. My family makes a priority of eating supper together every night, and I insist on doing it at the kitchen table. I know it’s old fashioned, but it’s the best way we can make sure we have conversation together. To me, the kitchen represents family.

3. Is there anything you would like to ask the audience?

So many questions come to mind! I would like to ask if anyone has ideas for taming loose leaf paper. For some reason, even though House Honcho is good about telling us to eliminate it, it still crops up in my house. It’s awful. Paper breeds in my home.

4. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself.

I was an only child and now I have five kids. I never experienced sibling interactions until I was a mother. (If anyone has tips about keeping the peace, I am open to those as well.)

5. Share one thing you have learned as a home manager.

I have learned that the house can be managed if it is a priority. I work outside the home while my children are in school and pre-school, and then I work in the home when the day is over. I am tired and non-creative, but it stlil gets done. I don’t go to bed until I have completed the HouseHoncho e-mail.

Thank you, Sarah J.! Thoughts? Opinions? Advice? The microphone is open…
Keep it simple!

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