Idea Exchange #2

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Reader Robin is always happy to offer feedback.

She was kind enough to submit her responses for our Idea Exchange.

1. What is one homemaking tip you would like to share with the readers?

No one’s house is perfect. Everyone has something out of place somewhere. The key is to have the majority of your house (especially areas visitors will view) orderly and clean. It doesn’t have to look like something out of a magazine, just clean and uncluttered. Look at your house the way a visitor would when they first enter your house. What do they see? What is the focal point? What impression will they get with those first few glances? Those spots make all the difference. Make sure your entry view is warm and inviting. I also do this at the entry way of each room. When I enter, what do I see? That is the area that I need to make sure is most tidy. Also enlist the help of family. Have them walk in and give their impressions and help to keep the area neat and pretty.

I divide up the House Honcho chores between my husband, son, and myself. We are able to usually get at least 6 items on the list completed and this goes a long way in keeping the house presentable.

2. What is your favorite room of the house and why?

My favorite room would be my dining room. It is not a formal room, but is separated from the kitchen. It is bright and sunny and I like the seasonal decorations I use in this room. This is where we enjoy dinner as a family and lots of conversations happen around the table. It is probably the room in the house where I feel closest to people.

3. Is there anything you would like to ask the audience?

I would like to ask your readers how they find sufficient storage for out of season decorations? And how often do they change decorations in their rooms? I find myself changing decorations throughout my house for each season or holiday. Does everyone do this or am I just creating a lot of extra work for myself?

4. Tell us one interesting thing about yourself.

I love technology and finding ways I can use it to make my life more organized and efficient. House Honcho daily e-mail tips are an example. I also have set up reminders of tasks that happen yearly to be sent to me or the appropriate family member as a reminder. Example: clean out gutters, switch clothes for the season, call for furnace cleaning appointment, etc.

5. Share one thing you have learned as a home manager.

A home is to be lived in. It should be comfortable and welcoming. The people who live in the home are what give it character and bring it to life. Family, the people you live with are what really matter and are first priority. The tidiness of the house is second. I know many friends who freak when anything is out of place and their family is uncomfortable in their own home. Don’t let that happen to you.

Excellent ideas, Robin! Thank you!

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