Meet Kit Wilkinson

The cover of Kit’s lovely book

She makes me laugh harder than a hyena high on helium.

We met two years ago at a conference, and I’m pretty sure we weren’t laughing only 10 percent of the time. (And that was when she was sleeping or networking with publishers.)

I am so glad to introduce you to Kit Wilkinson, author of two books–one of which is hitting bookstores June 8, 2010–entitled Sabotage. (I’m planning to pull a “Harry Potter release night” and be at the store at 12:01.)

Photo of Kit Wilkinson

Graciously, Kit sat down to answer some of my questions about her newest novel.

1. Emilie Gill, your lead character, is in danger because someone is targeting her. Worse still, the police have charged her with murder. Nothing could be worse, in my mind, than being falsely accused of something. How would you handle it?

It depends on the situation, but most likely I’d get pretty angry about being falsely accused. (I’ve been known to have a bad temper.) On the other hand, if it was a really ludicrous accusation, I might find some humor in it. I like to find humor in life.

2. Emilie will eventually need to learn to trust again. Do you think trust is something that can be encouraged by someone else–or must it come from a personal conviction to do so?

Great question! Sure, trust can be encouraged, but in the end it’s a personal decision. In some ways, it’s like we have to be at peace with ourselves before we can trust others. And sometimes, that’s a hard thing to find—personal peace.

3. You’ve actually earned a handfull of impressive degrees–including one from Switzerland–yet you chose to stay home and be a full-time mother and home manager. What prompted you to do this?

Honestly, I did it because I could. And I’m so glad that I did. For one because that’s when I started writing, but also the time at home has flown by (my youngest starts kindergarten next year), I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this time with my children.

4. What is your favorite home management tip?

I like to cook things that I can double. I’ll take half of it and freeze it for a night when I don’t feel like cooking. I also try to clean my house while I’m making phone calls. Sometimes, that doesn’t work out but most of the time I can get the trash out, a few rooms dusted, mirrors cleaned, etc. It’s almost automatic now. I get on the phone and I start cleaning.

5. What do you most want for Mother’s Day?

Diamonds ☺ Very large diamonds. Or, a nice relaxing day with the family. That would be good too.

6. Any other hints you want to give us about Sabotage?

Sure! So, I’m really hoping that readers enjoy the equestrian world setting and the sparks flying between the hero and heroine, two very strong characters. And two very human characters. Oh and I have to mention that Sabotage just received 4 ½ stars from the Romantic Times Review. Very exciting.

HouseHoncho, thanks so much for having me.

No, no, Kit. Thank YOU for dropping by!

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