Pearly Whites and Closet Doors

Photo by djpoblete09

There I stand. Scared. Uncomfortable. Too young to die.

Yet I know that I need to open my closet door and find what I am going to wear for the day. So I do it. A few stray books fall off the shelf and barely miss my left temporal lobe. But I am safe. (For now.)

Ever feel like that? So maybe you’re not dodging books or flying hangers. But how does the closet function in your home? Is it a place to hide things? A place to shove things behind a closed door?

Is it possible that we dread our closets, in part, because they are the dumping ground for the things we do not want to deal with? I recently heard a friend say that the cleanliness/health of a person’s mouth and teeth directly link to the health of a person’s entire body. I have zero evidence to support his claim. (And, for the record, he is a salesman–not a doctor.) But I do think that the cleanliness of a person’s closet indicates the true order throughout the rest of the house.

SO maybe your home LOOKS clean and organized, but when it comes to what’s behind closed doors, you are actually stuffing things out of sight. Or maybe your closets are carefully tidied and clean. To which I would guess that the rest of your home is following suit.

Care to agree or disagree?

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