All in the Family

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which rule is toughest of them all?

When it comes to clutter busting, Rule #3 takes the prize for the most challenging. “What is it?” you ask.

Rule #3 for all HouseHoncho readers: Teach the members of your household where items go, and exemplify by your behavior that returning these items to their appropriate place is essential.

This rule may seem obvious–like wart-on-the-end-of-the-stepmother’s-nose obvious–but the reality is, too often we expect our family members to read our minds. So you’ve just cleaned out the top drawer of the dresser and carefully lined up the socks by the color code. Along comes your unsuspecting husband who opens the drawer and tosses in the pair of jeans.

Why would he do otherwise if this has been the family habit?

Instead of bringing about Canada’s second earthquake in one week, consider teaching your family where things go. Even better, make them part of the solution. Solicit their ideas or encourage their participation. And then model the change you want to see in the house.

Keep it on the down low, but de-cluttering the house could actually be enjoyable!

Come back tomorrow for the fourth installment of Clutter Central…and take HouseHoncho’s first official challenge!

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