Blasts of Thankfulness

Photo by Trisha (whose dog, Bronte, is the smiling lab on the left)

It’s an early Father’s Day weekend and I’m heading out to spend time with family.

Right now, my husband is behind the wheel and my crazy golden dog is stretched out on the back seat looking longingly at the open bag of Doritos between us. The windows are down, and the wind is sending cold blasts through my hair as we drive by a beautiful lake front. Nothing–not even a high-priced spa package–could beat this feeling! (Even the ones that come with lime wedges!)

I know that I have a lot to be thankful for.

From time to time, various of my readers have sent e-mails asking me how to conjur up the energy or the will to love house work. Cleaning toilets, after all, isn’t exactly a cheery task. My answer today is this:

Make a list of 5 things you are thankful for pertaining to your home or family. Here are mine:

1. We are healthy.
2. God meets our needs.
3. We love each other.
4. The future is bright.
5. We have a home to clean.

And suddenly the dirty socks and the dusty baseboards become a means to an end–service to those we love–and not an end in itself.

I am excited to share some good news with you on Sunday–a new addition to our growing website–make sure to check it out. Until then, enjoy thinking of your five things!

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