Boxes and Baskets and Crates, Oh My!

Photo by steffenz

Are you ready for a challenge?

This week we’ve begun talking about four important strategies for clutter busting at home. (Consequently, I am attacking my home office with a vengeance and am LOVING the results!)

Let’s quickly review:

Rule #1: Everything in the house must be given a legitimate and consistent place of residence.

Rule #2: Always ask yourself, “Do I need this?” And then keep or toss items based on the answers.

Rule #3: Teach the members of your household where items go, and lead by faithful example.

Tonight’s rule is accompanied by a challenge that I have full confidence you can complete!

Rule #4: Before rushing out to buy boxes and bins to store items that were once orbiting the house, first consider what you can do with what you already have.

(Not only are organizational items pricey, but they compromise your goal of simplifying!)

Challenge: Get creative. Find items in your house, (i.e., empty baby food jars, paper-covered shoe boxes, old bulletin boards–do people have old bulletin boards lying around?), that you can transform into organizational genius. These are much more artistic and attractive than traditional plastic storage anyway!

Then hop on our Facebook page and tell us what you did!

Keep it simple!

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