Bring It Inside!

Photo by mapper-montag

I love when things like this happen!

Recently I received a request from Amanda B. in Michigan asking me for some specific examples of ways she could celebrate the outdoors inside her home. I hung on to the e-mail, hoping I would find some time to do a little research before responding. Well. Wait no more! Today I received a wonderful e-mail from a loyal reader and this is what it said:

I was so excited by “bringing the summer inside” that I had to share what I did! A small glass bowl of lemons and limes on the counter. Some “sand” and shells in the bottom of clear glass candle holders with tealights on top. AND, I took my brightly colored straws out of their cardboard box and put them in a glass vase in the cabinet. (I read this once as an idea in a magazine. It’s supposed to go on your counter, but I don’t have room. So, I thought we’d still enjoy the surprise of color when we reach for a glass. Next on the list: brew iced tea to enjoy with my lemons and limes.

I couldn’t have responded better myself! I love when home managers get excited about their homes!

Keep it simple!

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