Cat Attack

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The clutter problem can basically be solved with one simple question.

…But more on that in a minute.

Right now I am sitting in the laundry room, tapping away on my keyboard, while a steady rain raps on the roof. If I could find a way to harness the rain water and use it in my washing machine, I would be as happy as a hamster in a hammock.

But back to the one question that will significantly cut down on our clutter:

What do I NEED?

House Honcho’s definition of “need” in this context–anything that assists in fulfilling a responsibility or satisfying a duty.

I have received recent e-mails asking if decorations are considered clutter. My response? Not necessarily. A modest number of decorations assists in fulfilling the responsibility of making the house a home, right? Who wants to live in a cinderblock cell? (Besides Bernie Madoff.)

Decorations are not necessarily clutter. But we must beware. While a pretty set of frames assists in making the house a home, twelve porcelain cats in a curio cabinet may not be as useful.

Rule #2 for all HouseHoncho readers: Always ask yourself, “Do I need this?”

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