Dad’s Day Gifts

Photo by vestman

Wishing there was an aisle in the store called “Stuff Dad Wants”?

This Sunday is Father’s Day, and if you haven’t yet decided what to do for Dad, you’ve come to the right place. If the father you are celebrating is anything like mine, giving him a tote bag or apron–no matter how masculine or well-made it promises to be–just isn’t going to cut it.

Here are three categories I encourage you to consider when selecting a gift:

1. Family. Most dads will appreciate anything that reflects their family. Think framed photos for his desk or art projects in a neat display. Shadow boxes full of goodies from the kids are a nice touch. Letters of appreciation are a keeper.

2. Work. Is there something you could give him that will improve his time at the office? A new work shirt, brief case, or pair of work boots might be practical and appreciated.

3. Entertainment. Consider planning an evening of fun events for the whole family–in which Dad is the celebrated member. Baseball games or board games or a family movie night are great ideas, (so long as the movie is one he’ll enjoy!)

Finally, I encourage you to think about gifts of service. This is something I am trying to incorporate at home.

Instead of bringing more “stuff” into the house–which will soon require dusting or clutter busting or fixing–perhaps we could perform more acts of service for those we love. Cook an elaborate meal, perhaps, or help the kids put on a performance or concert. It’s hard to remember the gifts we’ve received twelve months after the packages have been unwrapped, but it’s easy to remember the memories made with family.

Above all…
Keep it simple!

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