Dear House Honcho

Photo by VidyaRangayyan

Dear House Honcho,

My daughter “Kayla” is in junior high and wondering if you could offer a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts that she could give her dad. Unfortunately, she has no money to spend and is convinced that means she can do nothing for him this weekend. I told her you would probably have some free ideas. Thanks.

Debbie on behalf of Mikayla
Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Mikayla,

Gifts always cost the giver. But thankfully, the gifts we give don’t always need to cost us money. They can cost time or energy or effort instead. Do not be fooled into thinking that what you give to others is about money–it’s about what you sacrifice to make something happen for someone else.

Here are five suggestions for money-less gifts this Father’s Day:

1. Write your dad a letter. List for him the reasons you love and appreciate him.
2. Using items already in the pantry (with Mom’s permission) make your dad a meal or dessert that he enjoys.
3. Create service coupons. Are there chores you could offer to help him with?
4. Spend time with your dad. (Take a walk! Play tennis! Look at old photos or home movies.)
5. Clean the garage. (But prepare your dad first or he may faint right in front of you.)

Best of wishes to you, Mikayla, as you honor your dad this weekend. Know that–even more than what you give him on Sunday–YOU are a gift.

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