Dear House Honcho

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Dear HouseHoncho,

My name is Kelly and I am from New York. I read your blog every day while I’m eating breakfast. (And then I pass off your list of chores to my sister. We share an apartment. Don’t tell her about the chores. She thinks we split them.) I love the fact that you talk about baking soda, but you haven’t said anything about it recently. So I’m wondering. What are some more of your favorite uses for baking soda?

New York

Dear Kelly from New York (who schlumps off her chores to her sister),

Glad you enjoy the blog. And I’m glad to have a ‘soda sister’ in New York who appreciates the true value of the white stuff. Here are my current favorite uses for our white gold:

1. Add some to your bath water for super soft skin. (Which you’ll need after scrubbing dishes!)
2. Add one teaspoon to a vase of flowers to prolong the life of the bouquet.
(Which you’ll deserve after doing the laundry!)
3. Put some under the sink to deter ants.
(Which you’ll consider after scrubbing the floor.)
4. Pour a little bit into your dishwater to add scrubbing power to your dish washing.
(Which you’ll appreciate after de-cluttering the counter.)
5. Mix it with water and wash your fresh fruits and vegetables with it.
(Which you’ll enjoy after a long day managing your home.)

Now. Be a peach and give these hints to your sister.

Keep it simple!

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