For Whom the Bell Tolls

Photo by Playingwithbrushes

Contest #3 is over tomorrow at noon.

I will have to go back to reading the comics for my morning laughs. I can’t say I am looking forward to it. For the record, I plan to continue sharing Facebook status updates–though I will not necessarily dedicate entire posts to them–even after the contest ends. I’ve received so many updates that I want to share more of my favorites. Keep your eye out for more good times.

Three of my favorite Facebook status updates from today:

1. Had lots of fun house honchoing the office today. I kept repeating, “I am the stash monster”… but I must have overdone it because it turned into the “stache” monster and I was visualizing myself tackling this disorganized dungeon with a moustache on my face. Maybe that’s what House Honcho meant in the first place because now it looks nice in here!

2. is the website to give sanguine homemakers everywhere a simple daily list of housework so we can stay ….. –Oh my, have I got the funniest story to tell you!–Oh. sorry. So we can stay focused to work first THEN play!

3. My in-laws are coming in one week, but since i’ve been househoncho-ing it up… I AM NOT AFRAID! :)

Thank you for sharing your status updates! They’ve given me several new ideas to share with you! Now, keep inserting this enthusiasm into your homes!

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