Look Again

Photo by itchys

Here are today’s funniest statuses from some of our expert organizers:

1. –^v–^v–^v–^v-________ Bored to death? You haven’t checked out HouseHoncho.com

2. … dreams of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned, and where everyone uses HouseHoncho.com!

3. … suggests keeping several get well cards on your mantel. If unexpected guests arrive, they’ll think you’ve been sick and unable to clean. OR you can use HouseHoncho.com

4. Dear HouseHoncho.com, the FOLD cycle on the clothes dryer isn’t working.

5. It must be Wednesday. I can hear the messies in my kitchen quaking with fear. (househoncho.com)

Thanks for the laughs. I’m surprised my neighbors haven’t pounded on my front door and told me to quiet down. I have about 50 other messages I could share, but won’t. Come back tomorrow for more!

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