Myth Buster: Home Style

Photo by Willy D

Let’s bust a major myth today!

I have been a woman on a mission as of late. Last week I was working to banish clutter. (You know that because you carefully read all of last week’s exciting posts on clutter busting, I’m sure.) But I am on a different mission now and for the entire month of July. I am determined to find a permanent place of residence for every item in my home.

(Beware, dear collection of candles and randomly appearing G. I. Joe!)

From my perspective, the entire reason the house can go from perfect to pot in 15 minutes or less is because items never really find a permanent station. It’s not enough, in other words, for the house to look good if you open the closet and are buried by what falls out. It’s not enough to dust a dresser that is stuffed to the brim with wadded clothes and unidentified miscellania.

During the month of July, I am going to focus–both in my home and on this blog–on the important subject of finding a place for ev-er-y-th-ing. And if it doesn’t find a place–in your home or mine–I am going to eliminate it.

But enough on that for now. Let’s bust a myth today.

Myth: Home management is boring, menial work.

Truth: Home management requires high levels of intelligence and creativity.

Never be fooled by various media outlets that try to tell you home management is for the weak or wimpy. True home management is for the strongest and most creative of mind. I challenge you to look at the items in your home and determine how you can use them for the purpose YOU choose . . . as opposed to the purpose on the label.

For instance, who says drawer dividers are just for silverware? Why must wire produce baskets always hold produce? Maybe you can use the items in your home in a creative way to meet the needs of your household.

I dare you.

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