Sunday at My Place

Photo by lovstromp is not primarily a religious website.

The Internet is full of blogs and websites dedicated to Biblical and spiritual discussion. This website is dedicated primarily to the improvement of and appreciation for all things home and family. Those of us who gather here–and there are hundreds of us–do so because we are home managers in search of networking and sharing.


Lately, I have been made more aware than ever before that a huge part of home and family–and therefore of me as the person who traditionally blabs on this blog–is a genuine relationship with God and discussion of spiritual things. And while I do not intend to preach–ever–I do think it would be fitting to make Sunday’s blog a spiritual one. So.

Announcement 1: Beginning next Sunday, all Sunday blogs will be spiritual in nature. Short and sweet commentary on what I am learning and how it applies to my home. Feel free to do your grocery shopping if you are not interested in reading. It won’t hurt my feelings.

Announcement 2: To encourage participation on our new Facebook site, I am going to offer a stimulus plan. Right now there are 31 loyal fans of the site. That isn’t even scratching the surface of our readership–which is fine–but I have a feeling a few more of you would make a great addition to upcoming conversations. So. For every person who joins the group this week, (whether or not she is a member of, I will reach into my bag of best-kept secrets and tips and offer one up for consideration. And trust me, I have great ideas and home remedies to share. If only 1 person joins, fine. If 100 join, fine. I will show everyone in the group my gratitude by offering you some of my favorite pieces of home management genius–gathered over years of careful collecting.


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