Talk Is(n’t) Cheap

Photo by Willy D

I have clear memories of my family’s first telephone.

(Or at least the first one I can remember after the soup cans and string.)

It was pea green and attached to the wall by a long, spiral bungee cord that threatened to choke you to death if you turned around one too many times. (Consequently, my phone calls were only allowed to be 15 minutes long–so I didn’t have the option of death by phone cord.)

One of the benefits of phones today is that you can go anywhere you choose and still stay on the call. You aren’t bound (literally or figuratively) by calls in the kitchen where everyone can listen in and pretend they’re not. You are FREE!

HONCHO HINT: Here are 5 things you should consider doing next time you’re chatting on your cell:

1. Dust.
2. Sort a pile of paper.
3. Clean out a drawer.
4. Put away the dishes.
5. Sort the laundry.

These are “mindless” tasks that will allow you to focus on your conversation while still finding a few “extra” minutes in your day. There are hundreds of tasks just like them!

Warning: If you call me, I may habitually hang up on you after 15 minutes.

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