You’ve Got Mail

Photo by Jixar

I’ve got mail.

Messages like this make me smile:

Hi. I opened up the to-do list for today, and I just about giggled, because I feel like you must have taken a peek at my kitchen before making today’s to-do list. Clean the toaster, the microwave, the floor. Really, I should do them all, but…swimming lessons, flowers to plant, a deck to clean, a bathroom to paint. Thanks for keeping it real. Love the emails, hope you keep doing this (even if I don’t usually manage to get three things done on the right day, they are still inspiration for the rest of the week!)

Here is my response to all of you. [Imagine the little ding of the inbox alerting you to a new message.]

Thank you for reading my crazy blogs and following my to-do lists along with me. (Thank you, also, for trying out the crazy forum that needs a facelift worse than any Hollywood actress!) These past few months have given me lots of joy as I’ve fluffed pillows, rotated mattresses, and dusted my blinds right along with you. I look forward to many more months as we hone in on the things that make us home managers.

Never believe your job is insignificant. You manage the place that puts hearts at rest and minds at ease.

Keep it simple!

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