Dear HouseHoncho

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I get several e-mails that sound eerily similar to this one:

Dear HouseHoncho,

Thank you for your site and your daily e-mail. Without them both, I don’t know where I would be right now, but probably quite the mess. I am usually overwhelmed by my house and kids. I know I should be happy to have both and I try to be, but very seldom is my house cleaned the way it should be or my kids satisfied with what I do. It’s a constant struggle to keep everything done. No one told me that house keeping would be this hard. I guess I don’t know what I’m asking, but I am thankful to have a listening ear.


Dear S.J.M. from Minnesota,

Thank you for your candid e-mail. While many home managers look like they have everything under control (and many do!) there are others who struggle on a daily basis to get their work done. You are not alone!

During the month of August, I plan to further explore goal setting on the blog and hope that you will follow and experiment with the concepts I share. There are always more efficient ways to do what needs to get done. And I fear that one reason we as home managers struggle to stay on top of things sometimes is because our goals are not aligned with our realities.

What I will say for now is this: Keep your eye on the prize. You have a home and family to love. Even when the dishes don’t get done or the beds made or the laundry completed, you have the capacity to make a difference in the lives of your family today. Hang in there and check out the blog in August!

Keep it simple,

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