Down by the Sea

Photo by Trisha

I am warning you. This is off-topic.

So it’s Friday night and I am sitting in the house of someone who recently moved, helping her sort through her things. She has lived in her previous house a long time and has lots to keep/toss. I am finding cool things–embroidered pillow cases and collectible books.

(I’ll forego telling you about the party favor made out of seashells. Eek.)

And it leads me to this thought: we keep cool momentos from family members–the handwritten notes, the much-loved dress, the family clock. (Do families have clocks?) But we do nothing to label these items so that future explorers/sorters know what they meant to us. So what’s the point?

I don’t have an answer tonight. But this much I know. The few family heirlooms in my possession need labeling. And I am going to figure out a way to write down what they mean to me. Otherwise they look like…well…party favors made out of seashells.

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