Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Photo by kimberlykv

Let’s discuss feedback and voting.

First, feedback. I received this recent tip from a reader and want to pass it along:

Living in a hurricane prone area, we use empty cat litter plastic containers with lids to store items to grab and go if we need to. Have also put in more valuable keepsakes, etc. They have handles and stack perfectly. Can store first aid items, medications, snacks. They will also tend to be waterproof. And can be labeled with markers.

I love proactive readiness. And I love reader feedback! Thank you for sending this in!

Second, let’s discuss voting. I want to let you know about a new feature on this site.

We now have a voting feature!

Here at HouseHoncho.com we are interested in building a website that is useful, productive, and encouraging to home managers everywhere. Many of our decisions are made based upon feedback we get from you.

One particular area of interest, recently, has been the function of this blog. And we seem to be receiving mixed opinions about what you want to read. SO. One of the tabs on the website is called “Vote!” and there is one question that I would love for you to answer between now and next Wednesday. Your response to this question will impact the future direction of the Kitchen Table Blog.

Thank you in advance for helping make HouseHoncho a beneficial site!

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