First: Love Them

Photo by sunshinecity

This comment on a recent post caught my attention:

I’m a homeschooling mom of 10 kids who has people over a lot. My perspective is this: I think the most important thing we have to offer people when they come over, is love. Yes, I want my house to look neat and I really enjoy serving people food they like, but the best thing we have to give them is love. And they come, and they come!

And I began to think of places Jesus spent time with people in the Bible: the muddy seashore, the house with society’s cast-offs, the storm-battered ship…

And I agree with the comment above. People are drawn to love. They may or may not notice that the cups and plates don’t match or that the living room chair has a stain on the cushion…but they will absolutely notice if love is missing.

This week, let’s endeavor to love people.

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