For Whom the Bell Tolls

Photo by Robb North

It’s time to start thinking about school.

No, I’m not suggesting that you bring your summer fun to a premature end. There is still plenty of time for cookouts and campouts and softball tournaments. But, as is the case with most planning, forethought affords us the opportunity to do things best.

Regardless of whether you employ home school or day school, Here are just a few things to consider:

1. Watch for deals. Shopping centers will start advertising highly discounted school supplies–sometimes one or two items at a time–so be on the lookout. You don’t HAVE to buy your supplies the week before school begins! (And often you can save money by purchasing items earlier!)

2. Talk with your children about what’s going to happen this fall. The earlier the discussions begin (theoretically, of course) the longer your child has to acclimate to what is coming. Consider touring the school building or home classroom if it is your child’s first year. (Anticipation is often a great tool!)

3. Brush up on previously-acquired skills. Give your child the advantage of entering the classroom well-reminded of what he or she has already learned. :) (Workbooks or books from last school year could be helpful for this!)

4. Consider beginning the routine sooner rather than later. Especially if your children are younger, try putting them to bed and waking them up more closely to this fall’s school schedule. That way it won’t be so unusual when the school bell tolls in a few weeks.

Most importantly, love ’em and enjoy ’em. Children are a gift.

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