Get Hooked!

Photo by heidi schempp fournier

So, today is July 1st, and I have begun Operation Designation.

When I close my eyes and imagine my home on July 31, 2010, I see a house without miscellaneous drawers, random assortments of any kind, or stacks. That’s right. My home is stack-free.


[I am continuing to type this post with my eyes closed for obvious reasons. I like it better in here.]

So today I want to tell you about my latest favorite fascination. Hooks! Not as in Peter Pan’s worst nightmare–all of you mothers who read bedtime stories at this time every night–but as in those priceless little pieces that hang on the back of doors or screw into the closet or fit nicely in some unsuspecting corner.

There are so many things you can DO with hooks! You can utilize them for hanging jewelry or bags or towels. These tiny, usually cheap, little pieces of hardware are perfect for designating space where none currently exists.

Instead of investing in an expensive jewelry tree or box, for instance, think of how many necklaces you could hang on an inexpensive cup hook or set of wooden pegs in the closet. You’ll never have to search for your keys again if you install a set of hooks in the entry way closet. And book bags can be lifted off the floor. Finally!

There are so many possibilities.

Get creative!

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